Golden Perch Friday, Friday September 5th

Post date: Aug 31, 2014 8:57:48 AM

By Lina Willowwood  

What? Surely yer mean Green Dragon Friday? Naw! This coming Friday, September 5th, we’re at the Golden Perch in Stock! 

So Barmy over at the Green Dragon is busy this week. The Farmer’s Faire is about to start in Bywater, and he’ll be all busy cooking fer the guests that wanders around outside. And, not least, that gluttony mayor of ours, Ol’ Flourdumpling. So Barmy pleaded, PLEADED us he did, ter try find a different venture fer the night. 

And as always, usual Green Dragon Guidelines apply, which means this is an event by and for hobbits. The odd visiting dwarf is always welcome, though! Next week, on Friday the 12th (*shivers*), we just might celebrate the birthday of one Andy Brockhouse. Keep that secret, keep that safe from him, though! And look for more news soon!

[Ed. Hm.. I hope Master Brockhouse does not read the Gazette this week! Let's keep all copies away from him.]