Giggling Dragon Friday

Post date: Jun 22, 2018 6:5:14 PM

By Pycella Woodberry   

It’s time for a comedy night at the Green Dragon! Just don’t laugh at live dragons, and you’ll be fine. 


Date: Friday July 6 

Time: 7:30 PM ((UK time / 2:30 PM servertime))  

Location: Green Dragon Inn, Bywater.  

Do you know a funny story or a poem that would make even the Bounder Statue chuckle?  

Is your head filled with funny riddles, puns, and jokes about chickens who crossed the dinner table?

Can you sing a song that makes the audience roll on the floor like rolling scones?

Now’s your chance!

On 6th July, we dedicate the Green Dragon Friday to all things funny, or things that folks typically regard as funny. Well, the hobbits at the Dragon are an easy audience when it comes to comedy, so no need to feel anxious, comedians and comediennes. It doesn’t have to be the funniest joke in the world, and hopefully it’s not, because of the grievous side effects of the so-called “killer jokes”.  Other than that, all funny things are especially welcome on this evening – feel free to be creative!

Also, we encourage you to contribute to the funniness of the evening by dressing up a fun outfit. Time to try out all those silly dresses and other clothing your granny sends you each Yule; a chance to give all those festival masks a purpose to exist.

If you’d like to perform, no need to sign up beforehand – just come to Green Dragon in good time and let Miss Pycella (the hostess) know about it, and she will arrange you a spot. Please try to keep your contributions concise (10 minutes max. per performer), so that the other jokers will have a chance to take the Green Dragon rug. Optionally, you can sign up beforehand too; just send a Quick Post letter to Miss Pycella before the evening and hope that the Quick Post hobbits won’t lose your letter, Miss-deliver it nor feed it to the slugs.

See you on 6th July at the Green Dragon, starting at seven and half bells in the evening as usual!



This will be a usual Green Dragon evening, where hobbits and travelling dwarves are welcome. If you want to perform something at the event, please make sure that your content fits in the world of LOTRO, as this is a roleplaying event. So no jokes about Master Ronaldo or somet of that sort, please.))