Gardening department on strike!

Post date: Oct 10, 2018 1:36:35 PM

By Peppy Bristlebrush  

After a long period of negotiating over higher wages with the mayor, the hobbits of the Municipal Gardening Department have gone on strike! This leaves us with untidy roads and other places, where grass and bushes can now grow free and unattended. It's a mess, to be honest!   Has the Mayor forgotten about history and about his duties towards the Kings of Arnor?? I quote: 

The Shire was a part of Arthedain, and as such a part of Arnor. The Hobbits obtained official permission from King Argeleb II at Norbury (Fornost) to settle the lands, which were no longer populated and were seen as the king's hunting grounds. The King stipulated three conditions to this grant; that the hobbits should acknowledge his Lordship, that they should maintain the roads within the Shire and finally that they should aid his messengers.

Worst case scenario would be we get kicked out of the Shire!

This can no longer be tolerated! Best solution would be to give the Gardening Hobbits the wages they deserve, but until they go back to work, I think it is best to report all rogue bushes and patches of grass and flowers DIRECTLY to the Mayor. In other words: let's all complain loudly about this outrage which has turned our neat Shire into a wilderness.

I myself will be complaining about the general situation, but more in particular about some stubborn bushes in my own garden in Bramblebury and about the field near our own Party Tree. I bet that in Oldfurlong they will go berserk, as this is the field where the monthly OAKS concerts are held!

Imagine this to be an OAKS concert! See if you can spot the stage.

So stop weeding yourself (it's no good, they grow back the next day) and start writing in the strongest possible terms to Mayor Whitfoot. But keep it civil.

((OOC Since the last Update, number 23, the Shire looks untidy, too untidy with plants growing all over the place. Send your personal report to the forums and ask for it to be made undone. This would be a good thread: The quote is from