Game Seasons Ends With Record Catch

Post date: Jul 11, 2015 8:32:16 AM

By Ponso Pondhopper    

Last Saturday’s Great Trout Tickle ended spectacularly with a monster catch, that sets a new record for Oatbarton. Mister Hooh amazed us all with this astonishing Brown Trout that weighed in at an incredible thirteen pounds and five ounces. Other catches were two pounds twelve (Mrs Toadflax), two pounds eleven (Miss Lina) and two pounds nine (Miss Nimelia).

Altogether 63 trout were caught, with the prize for most species caught going to Mr Potty (1 Red-spotted, 2 Brown Trout, 1 Redband Trout, 2 Bull Trout 1 Speckled Trout, 1 Golden trout)

The first Golden trout caught was by Mr Everbrock, who beat Mr Potty by several minutes, to win the Golden Trout Award.

The Beginners’ Match was won by Miss Seggra with a very handsome 35 points. The winner of the Weedy prize, with three clumps of weed, was Miss Sennah.

Watch out for the next Shire Angling Club match, which will be at Overhill in September. (Date to be anounced)