Future OAKS dates leaked to the public

Post date: Oct 09, 2022 9:7:45 AM

By Mary Boffin   

I do hate to complain ...but something must be done!

The Quick Post has gotten to the point where they are desperate for new recruits to deliver the mail  ...absolutely desperate.

Yesterday morning I sat down to have a light breakfast.  I was not much hungry so it was just some eggs cooked with mushrooms & onions, a plate of crispy bacon, some garlic roasted taters, and half a dozen slices of toast with honey, butter, & jam.

Suddenly I heard a growl which sounded like it came from the path leading to my burrow door!

I darted to my front window, looked out and saw a HUGE bear!

And that bear was carrying a Quick Post mailbag!

Honestly I dont know what has become of our Quick Post ...

I heard they were hiring a bunch of folks from far-off of the Shire  ...

but hiring BEARS to make deliveries!

When that bear looked around, I quickly hid behind my curtain.

of course I was not afraid and slowly drew the curtain to look out again ...

Seems that bear had dropped the mailbag and was wandering off to do some sorty of bear-y  activities ( I aint a zoo-all-a-gist so I do not know the details ).

Once the bear was long gone, I went out to do my civic duty and check the mailbag.

( It was not out of nosiness at all, honest.)

There was only one piece of mailing left inside.  Unfortunately it was covered in drool

( probably from that bear ) and quite deteriorated.  I could not make out a name or address.

I decided it was ok to open it ( the bear's drool had dissolved the slug glue so it was basically already opened anyway )

Inside was a list of dates ...

"October 22 ...November 12 ...December 3  ...January 21 ...February 18 "

They seemed mighty important so I looked at the end of the mailing to find out what they were.

" Here be the dates fer this comin OAKS season, Papa.

 warm happy hobbity hugs,


Knowing Acorne, she would want to send out a proper mailing that was not torn & covered in bear drool, so I took it over to her burrow in Oldfurlong & left it in her mailbox since she was not home at the time.

This is very important news for all Shire folks  ... Beware the Quick Post Bears!!

Absolutely shocked about what has happened to our Quick Post,

Mary Boffin

P S Anyone seen my honey?