Four Farthings Bree Combined Show of Dogs

By the Oak and Willow Chronicler

Do you have a beloved dog friend who you think is the best in the world? Well it probably is!

But if  you'd like to show off your pet, come to the Four Farthings Bree Combined Show of Dogs to be held on the Hobnanigans Field, near Bree, on Sunday September 17 th ! All Free Peoples are welcome and there will be vendors with food and items for sale on site.

At 6 Bells ((6pm UK, 1:00Pm Server Time)) pre-registering will begin. Judging starts at 6:30 Bells followed by a Tea/Coffee Break at 7 Bells. Judging resumes at 7:30 Bells. Best in Show judging will begin at 9 Bells, or thereabouts, depending on number of entrants.

Come enter your pup at one of eleven breed categories:






Shire Bloodhound

Terreir (Airedale/Standard)

Terrier (Fox/Small)


Corgi (Long-tail)

Corgi (Short-tail).

Master Willywinkle and Master Hartten have put a lot of work into this wonderful event. Many fun

prizes to be won!

((Check the Lotro Forums for the in-game pet names)).