Forochel Expedition: A first for the Shire Angling Club

Post date: Nov 23, 2016 5:51:0 PM

By Ponso Pondhopper  

Here’s a call to all keen anglers and fisher-hobbits! Them nice folk who live away to the North have kindly agreed to let us come and fish three days 'fore Yule (That’s 18 December for them with new-fangled calendars)! We shall meet at Michel Delving Stables at seven and a half bells and make our way up the Brandywine by secret paths. Them as know the way can meet us up in the place them folk call Sûri-kylä (I’ve no idea who Kyla was or why she was so sorry). 

A couple of special points: One, bring warm clothes. We shall be standing on the frozen shores for a while and I don’t want anyone getting the flu just before the celebrations! Two, don’t even think about swimming in the sea here, let alone wading. Much better to fish from the shore.

Now to the competition. Flounder is our game up here, a nice tasty fish that’s easy to prepare and cook. I have a few special recipes them Lossoth have shared with me. My favourite is with bacon. I wonder where i can find a decent porker in the homesteads…? There will be a trophy prize and a place in the record books for the largest flounder caught, as well as the usual prizes for number of fish caught (and other things).

I do hope you will join us and discover for yourselves how wonderful ice fishing is at this time of year. No need to register, just turn up at the stables (or direct in Sûri-kylä and we shall a whale of a time! (I wonder, do whales have a hobbit of a time? Maybe they do…)

What: Fishing Expedition to Forochel

Where: Sûri-kylä in Forochel or the stables in Michel Delving

When: 7:30pm in Michel Delving, shortly later in Sûri-kylä (depending on how fast we walk)