Follow up on Housewarming/Tea Party Social

Post date: Jul 18, 2021 3:38:21 PM

By Agago Longleaf 

We would like ta thank all the guests that came ta our housewarming/ tea party social!  It was a wonderful time for all!!  Tis the fun loving folks that show up that really make the party.

We gave away three rare tea 'n tart packages for raffles;  all were rare home brewed teas, homebaked tarts with fresh brewed ale and homegrown pipeweed.  Miss Anerra won the white tea & strawberry-rhubarb tart raffle.  Fidgit won the green tea & bilberry tart raffle.  And the winner of the mostest rare tea wuz Branstan winning the Black tea & cherry tart raffle package.  Door prize wuz several pots of flowers that I crafted and the winner wuz Miss Sprinkle Sparkle.

Music was played by many folks, and tales were told and poems recited.  It was held at our new kinship house in the Shire Homesteads, Weedhallow, at 5 Harrow Road.  We had a small theatre stage which was perfect for the performers,

We had lots of food, a picnic blanket sit-in fer conversations, a nearby fire pit with a roast beastie and fresh stew.  Our house wuz open fer walk throughs.

We had a wonderful selection of pets including adorable farm and personal pets.  We briefly left the property fer a 'pet walk', takin' the short cut thru the neighborhood market area.  

We heard from two neighbors, Drucilia and Feaniell.  They sent us postal greetings and many nice houswarming gifts.  Miss Acorne also gave us lovely housewarming gifts.  

 The bestest thing wuz I got ta introduce my long lost cousin from Lyndelby.  Pozee Longleaf!!  She has purchased a standard house beside our kin house.  We are delighted ta have her.  She is goin to be workin on some good tales, and we have a duet together in which we hope ta play some music from time ta time, called the LONGLEAFS!!  We were able ta play a few tunes together at the Housewarming.


Cousin Pozee has many skills one of em is fortune tellin'.  So fer two more raffles some lucky folks got ta have their tea leaves read by Cousin Pozee.  It was Gammer Boggins and Peppy Bristlebrush.  Gammer's fortune told of a blessin ta be put upon her by a hound dog with orange spots near ta Needlehole.  She is supposed ta become blessed by much cheese, and may perhaps become one a the Shire's most sucessful cheese folks with a stand set up in the farmers market.  Peppy wuz also ta be blessed near Frogmorton by a talkin frog with long eyelashes.  Fer as we know, this has actually happened.  Tho he stated he was afeared ta kiss the frog in question.  Cousin Pozee sez kissin wuzn't required, just an encounter, so it looks like Master Peppy will be havin' exceptional luck on Fridays fer the rest a his born days.

Our guest list wuz:

Gammer Boggins

Engelbrecht "Piper" Goold



Candy Kane


Anerra Happyheart


Sprinkle Sparkle

Peppy Bristlebrush

Lillypop Sweettart

Acorne Oakley

Taffy Apple


Wisa Berry


Warm summery Hobbit Hugs

Agago & gang