Five entries in the "Design a rug" competition

Post date: May 08, 2015 9:59:4 AM

By Rubellita Brandybuck   

We are proud to say, that we have received five designs for a new rug for the Green Dragon!  The competition is now closed, no other entries will be accepted. 

As you probably know, the old rug is threadbare and needs replacement. But Barmy Rootknow, proprietor of the Green Dragon, has always postponed that with some excuse. Latest in the series was that "he did not know of a suitable design". We plan to take him up on his word and have organised a competition! The winner will be picked by Barmy and a team of judges and that design will be sent to the weavers and will end up on the floor of the Green Dragon..  That is, if Barmy is true to his word!

So we present to you, in random order, the five new rug designs. The names of the contestants will remain secret until next week, but are known to the editors of the Gazette. The names of the judges remain secret as well, to prevent unsolicited deliveries of pies. The results of the competition will be announced at the Main Anniversary Party on May 15.

No 1. The Variegated Vivacity of Green Dragon Fridays

I have captured here the complex vim and vitality of Green Dragon Fridays...we have the battling yellow and orange clans represented in the stars, the musical conflicts of bagpipes versus all other instruments, with Pipes on the side of the pipes and an uncompromising Miss Lina representing all other instruments, the ever present mugs of ale and desire for pie, and finally, a stern but benevolent green dragon overlooking us all. Just don't make the tiny red glow in the Dragon or Miss Lina's eyes get any bigger, if you know what is good for you!

No 2. Spring Bouquet

The flowers of the shire are the inspiration for this colorful and playful creation. The lush, deep pile of this rug was achieved by using the strong, thick yarns spun from the lovely sheep's roving of Northcotton Farm.

No 3.Pendragon

This design is  inspired by Celt art and it is weaved in green threads on a pale gold background. In the centre a dark green dragon symbolize ancient wisdom and knowledge. The Celtic borders form a never-ending circle of life and nature.

No 4. Glass hearts and stars

This is inspired by stained glass art. Having recently spent time in the glassblower's camp near Dwaling; I wanted to honor the artisans there and raise awareness of their plight. The fine craft of glassblowing in the Bullroarer's Sward is in danger of disappearing forever because of unrest in the region.

No 5. The green Piper

In this design we can see a lonely hobbit piper garbed in green and gold, standing proudly in the Greenfields , playing a beautiful hobbit tune on his bagpipe. Embroidered on his sleeve a green dragon. The colours in this design are warm and cheerful , favourite by hobbits.