Fishing Competition in Needlehole, September 9th

Post date: Sep 08, 2014 1:46:56 PM

By Penina Pondhopper   Hosted by the Shire Angling Club, and part of the dwarven Harnkegger Games! This fishing contest marks the start of the Needlehole Festivities, commemorating the founding of Needlehole 677 years ago – (2342 T.A) There will be fine music and plenty of food between the end of the fishing and the announcement of the winners. Cooks will be standing by to turn your freshly caught carps and dace into delicious dishes.

RULES: Competitors will all have 15 minutes to catch as many fish as they can. They will receive points depending on the type of fish caught:

• 1 point per normal fish

• 3 points for cooking fish

• 10 points for mountable fish

PRIZES: The organizing committee will grant the following prizes:

• WINNER: 2 gold pieces + 1 Steed of the First Marshall Code+ 2 x 500 TP code

• RUNNER-UP: 1 gold piece + 1 Steed of the First Marshall Code+ a 500 TP code

• THIRD: 500 silver pieces + 1 Steed of the First Marshall Code

• CONSOLATION PRIZE (4th-till 14th placed): Lebethron Fishing Rod

When: September 9th, 7pm to 8pm ((2pm to 3pm servertime))

Where: Needlehole, Needlehole river