Fifth Salmon Run a resounding success

Post date: May 01, 2017 10:3:20 AM

By Ponso Pondhopper   

Last Saturday, the eighth day of Thrimidge the Shire Angling Club held its fifth annual Brandywine Salmon Run. Seventeen hopeful hobbits met at the Bullroarer statue in Brockenborings before marching across the Greenfields to a special fishing spot I found several years ago. It is here that the salmon take a rest before continuing their journey north to the lake, the final stage of a long swim from the seas and oceans to the West. This is their final journey, as once they arrive at the lake they spawn and die. So this is an ideal time to fish them as they are fully grown.  

As such we always expect a big catch at this event and this year was no exception. In total 411 fish were caught, of which 31 were salmon, of varying sizes. Five runner-up prizes of a commemorative fishing rod were awarded to Miss Dassa, Mister Potty, Miss Nimelia, Miss Pogonia and Miss Seggra. The main prize winners were: 

4th Mister Pipes with a catch of 33 fish

2nd equal Mister Fidgit and Miss Lina with 34 fish each

1st Mister Ozborne of the Shire Angling Club with a fine catch of 36 fish

A special prize for the most salmon caught went to Miss Acorne for her impressive catch of five salmon.

No weeds were caught! However a total of 39 old boots were pulled out of the river, with a new title of ’Tough as Old Boots’ going to Miss Qamellia with a catch  of five boots.

This year’s Salmon Queen is Miss Dassa, whose best catch weighed in at 52lb 6oz, not quite toppling last year’s record of 57lb 3oz, set by Mister Simbo Rumblebelly.

My congratulations to all those who took part and thanks to Mister Ozborne who contributed to the prize fund. Let’s see if next year’s Salmon Run brings us a new record!