Festive Feasting Fun at the first annual Bird and Baby Yule party

Post date: Dec 18, 2013 9:56:53 AM

By Bilbeto Longburrow  Come one, come all, Master Chucro and the rest of the Bird and Baby staff are pleased to welcome gentle folk small and tall to our first annual Yule party. Master Chucro is working on a new festive menu of soups, stews, cakes and pies for your eating pleasure. And with the rest of the staff along for the ride there'll be drinks and pipeweed of many varieties. Minstrels and musicians of all shapes and sizes are welcome to come along and entertain - otherwise it'll be another Bilbeto and Chucro duet (which was more of a theoretical musical event at the last yard party). 

The Bird and Baby Yule Party

Saturday 21st December

7.00pm at the Bird and Baby in Michel Delving

Note: Bird and Baby staff are available for all your catering needs - for more information contact; Chucro, c/o The Bird and Baby, Michel Delving