Fed Poets' Society Meeting on June 8th

by Aerinbard Fallohide

“There are no rules. And those are the rules!”

-Cantus, Wandering Minstrel of Fraggle Rock

Summer will soon be upon us with its warm weather and air heavy with ripening harvests. It is a rich and peaceful time, so why not try something different?

Thanks to all who attended the last gathering at the Great Smials and picnic in Little Delving.

This month we will meet in Overhill at Gammer Boffin's and from there launch into a particularly daring excursion! At the end (of the excursion, not the poets, hopefully) we will share our poems and poetry finds.

This month's suggested theme is : Danger

The form we will try to employ is: Chiasmus

Chiasmus -words or poetry elements repeated in reverse order for effect:

“Beauty is truth, truth beauty”- John Keats

Some (Kelly Kerr) suggest that even Old Bilbo's story about his travels is chiastic in structure: There and Back Again!

Danger comes in many forms, from jumping that creek when we are small, to speaking up in a crowd. As poets, we need a spark of daring. Some things will not come to us without it.

If you would like to try your hand at writing, or if you have a favourite poem to share, or you would just like to sit back and listen, join the Fed Poets' Society Meeting THURSDAY, June 8 at 7:30pm ((UK Time, 2:30pm Servertime)). Share a hearty bite to eat and a feast of words! (And return to the Ivy Bush for a steadying libation as needed).

See you there!

THURSDAY, June 8th (and every second Thursday)

7:30pm ((UK Time, 2:30pm Servertime))

Overhill, Gammer Boffin's Burrow