Fed Poets' Society Meeting of June

by Aerinbard Fallohide

“Art is born in attention.”

― Julia Cameron

Spring rains have brought forth all the colours of Summer.

Many heartfelt thanks to Wybert Diggins who held down the burrow for the Fed Poets' Society in my

absence. An excellent job done by all accounts!

This month we will meet in Michel Delving by the statue of Marcho and Blanco and from there take a

short walk to a quiet yet (hopefully) inspiring location. There we will share a picnic and our poetry! We

will also explore taking the next step in establishing a writing practice: creating a writing space!

This month's suggested theme is : Colour -Chose your favourite and write a poem about it!

The device we will try to employ is: Imagery

Imagery: the use of figurative language to describe something.

If you would like to try your hand at writing, or if you have a favourite poem to share, or you would just

like to sit back and listen, join the Fed Poets' Society Meeting THURSDAY, June 13 at 7:30pm (UK Time,

2:30pm Servertime ). Share a hearty bite to eat and a feast of words!

If the weather proves uncooperative, we can retire to the Bird and Baby.

See you there!

THURSDAY, June 13th (and every second Thursday)

7:30pm ((UK Time, 2:30pm Servertime))

Statue of Marcho and Blanco, Michel Delving

The Shire