Fed Poets' Society April Meeting 

The Grange, near Hobbiton

By Oxslip Delvings

A Light exists in Spring

Not present on the Year

At any other period – 

When March is scarcely here 

~Emily Dickinson

I am making this announcement on behalf of Master Aerinbard Fallohide and Master Wybert Diggings.  Master Aerinbard has been unexpectedly called away, as he received news of some rare breeding stock becoming available in some place called Rohan, and he is most anxious to acquire it for his horse and pony business before it is snapped up by some other buyer.  He has therefore left the Shire and expects to be away for a couple of months.

He has asked my distant relative, Master Wybert Diggings, to host the Fed Poets gatherings for the months of April and May, and Master Wybert has asked me to tell you about the April event.

This month’s theme will be ‘Springtime in the Shire’ and you will be welcome to bring along any poems of your own, or any favourites you know which fit in with the idea of springtime.  However, you don’t have to do this as there will be a group activity which everyone can take part in and everyone is welcome to just come along, have fun, listen to poems and enjoy some fine food and drink.

The event will start at the gate of The Grange near Hobbiton (30.6S, 71.3W) at seven and a half bells on Thursday 11th April ((7.30pm UK time, 2.30pm server time)).

So please don’t be shy and join them poets if you can!