Extra edition:  GDF Warmup party postponed!

Post date: May 08, 2015 7:43:15 PM

By Peppy Bristlebrush  

A sudden turn of the weather prevented hobbits to celebrate the Anniversary of Green Dragon Friday on May 8th. An unexpected storm was announced just hours before the start of the party. Those who could, hurried to Bywater to start an hour earlier, an excellent move by Miss Lina Willowwood.

The few hours that remained available were spent playing music, some songs dedicated to the anniversary.

But many had to miss out on the fun, like Shirriff Nimelia Stoutfoot, who had been busy guarding ore and avoiding dishes. Or was it avoiding homework?

Anyway, hear this:  This Sunday, May 10, there is an extra edition of Green Dragon Friday (even if it is Sunday, who cares!).

The Green Dragon Friday Anniversary warmup Party will then be continued from 7pm ((UK, 2pm servertime)) onwards, at the Green Dragon, ofcourse.

Please note, this is one hour earlier than the usual GDF time!

So, come to Bywater this Sunday! We'll have songs and merriment! Perhaps some leftover food from the warmup party! We'll certainly have the Three-Farthing Stone blueberry ale bounce dance! Fireworks! And lots of other fun things besides.

Hope to see you then!