Even(t) Odd Socks Party

Post date: May 28, 2016 7:0:22 PM

By the Fellowship of the Sock  

On the 26th June* the small company of Hobbits, known as The Socks, are having an Odd Socks party, with a special mystery element. The mystery element is to allow folks to come in disguise, so that no-one knows who they really are! **   

All guests are welcome to perform a song, poem, story or other entertainment during the evening. At the end of the evening, all folks in disguise can reveal themselves, although the other folk will have the opportunity to guess who are the mystery sock is before they reveal themselves.

The main aim of the evening though is to have lots of silly fun though, whoever you come as. Just remember to wear a hat!

No Hats allowed

Come and mock Woot

Come and Scoot the Woot

First you need to find the Woot

Date: Saturday 26th June

Time: 7:30pm ((UK time / 2:30pm Server time))

Location: Methel Stage, Bywater, The Shire

Message from the Sausage Society:

And while you might think our Socks smelt.

Stop carping around and join us.

We'll be floundering without you.

Message from the Society for the preservation of fashion sense:

Beware the Woot!

He owns numerous silly hats, and he is not afraid to wear them!

Report any sightings to the nearest Bounder!

Dress code for the party:

A dress (or similar) and this:

* The party, first announced for June 18, had to be delayed for the following reason:

Woot cut up all our costumes and made hats from them. When he realised he had nothing left to wear but his hat, it dawned on him that we might need to delay the party.


All guests must still wear a hat though.

(( OOC:

**The idea is you can come with an unknown alt, to represent your disguise, and not tell anyone who you are. Before the evening starts though, you should make sure you main char is located behind the Methel Stage so that during the 'reveal' you can log off and then log back on with your main to show who you really are.))