Post date: Oct 12, 2022 11:9:39 AM

By Saelo Honeythumb

After going through a strange mist for two days, hobbits finally managed to get rid of it, there was

another obstacle to pass through – steep hills. But with the power of nagging and BREAKFASTS (yes,

there were more than one), hobbits managed to climb them as well, and entered Eregion, then turned

to the closest settlement of the area - Gwingris. There, they had their next breakfast, but Saelo decided

it was time to have a nap, as a sensible hobbit would have a nap between breakfast and elevenses. This

caused Lina to nag, but she was one of the fastest sleepers.

But when they woke up, Saelo was missing…

Date: 22/10/2022

Time: 6:00 PM ((UK Time, 1 PM server time))

Location: Gwingris, Eregion


About the leg:

There will not be leading this time, as there is no specific destination to reach for. Hobbits will be free to

wonder around and look for Saelo. He does not have any specific location either, so, it is up to hobbits’

imaginations and how well they know Saelo. Willow aka Willowes will be informed about all the details

of this leg, and they will provide the necessary information as you reach her.


The initial aim of this journey is visiting Maur Tulhau in Enedwaith, while stopping in different

settlements on the way. The whole journey will be spread through a long time span, and each leg will

take place bi-weekly, either on Saturday or on Sunday (it will be announced beforehand every time).

There is no fixed length of legs, meaning we can freely get distracted by stuff on the road for any reason,

without rushing to make it to the end goal of the leg. We also might spend some time there (probably a

day), doing some fun stuff.

Although the event is mostly about Hobbits, other races we would meet on the way with their stories

are welcome as well, even if it means being dragged out of the path.

There is no level requirement to join the event, there will be enough hobbits to protect you. ))