Elderglen Garden Party

By Aerinbard Fallohide

Come one come all to the Elderglen Garden Party hosted at my Estate in Elderglen, #2 Chalk Road

#2 Chalk Road is the Ancestral Home of the musical clan of Ohrwurm (a curious name I know! Apparently it has something to do with songs that get stuck in your head, and is translated into the common as: “Evergreen”).

The Fed Poets' Society poets are invited to share their favourite works from these past months.

We will also have a special music guest!

Feel free to bring your lute or harp or what have you and join in the fun!

There will be riddles, poems and of course food for all! And possibly some fun giveaways.

Saturday 16th of September

#2 Chalk Road,

7:30pm ((UK time)),

Elderglen, Shire Homesteads.