"Early" Pie Day Party in Songburrow

Post date: Mar 06, 2018 5:3:49 PM

By Pycella Woodberry  

The weather may be cold, but we have something to warm yer up.  

Pies of all shapes, sorts and tastes! 

Welcome to the Early Pie Day Party!  

Date: Sunday, March 11

Time: 7:30 PM ((UK time, aka. 3:30PM servertime))

Location: Pycella's Pie Shop, 5 Chalk Road, Songburrow, the Shire

In the Shire, every day is a pie day, but according to ancient pie traditions, the Pie Day is formally celebrated on 14th March. But why wait, when you can celebrate early? This year, we will celebrate the Pie Day already on Sunday, March 11, at a place where there are enough pies for all Shire (according to the rumours, at least): at Miss Pycella's Pie Shop. The shop is situated on the hillside in Songburrow, Chalk Road. If you come by a pony, you can leave it in Master Simbo's flower garden next door.

The celebration will include a pie rolling run to the village lake and back to the shop, a short pie lecture, piesome riddles, and emptying Miss Pycella's pie cellars, of course. And there might be some pie music and other entertainment too!

So see you on Sunday at Miss Pycella's Pie Shop! Bring an empty tummy!


By nature this is a Hobbit roleplaying event, but good taller friends may attend too. Just remember not to step on the locals!))