Don't Say No to Ni! Ni! Hammers at Yard Party

Post date: Apr 22, 2016 3:30:0 PM

By Toadflax Nosely    

On April 28th, the Yard Party Feature are none other than the Ni! Ni! Hammers, coming from the faraway Lands of the Eagle. The Ni! Ni! Hammers is the current incarnation of "The Band Led By Miz Lilikate" and so you may eggspect dedicated and skilled musicians performing for you this time (as is usually the case).     

It is the plan to play two sets, and in the first set, the Ni! Ni! Hammers will take the audience on a cultural journey to the epicentre of Hobbit Culture: Budgeford, far away in the East Farthing.

O, Budgeford! Where delicious Pork is being raised! Home of Bacon! And also the perhaps greatest ever of all Shire bands, namely Oink Fluid, are from Budgeford. Now, these lads had a habit of playing odd instruments and their songs were sometimes incomprehensible...but do not worry! In this first set, the Ni! Ni! Hammers performs Oink Fluids' breakthrough work, The Dark Side Of The Bun! As arranged for proper instruments and with revised, sensibleTM lyrics, all made by Hobbits.

Then in the second set, the Ni! Ni! Hammers propose to liven things up a bit and play merry, Hobbitty music but I can tell you very little of what they have planned for this, and for encores, for I'm certain they won't be allowed to leave until after encores galore.

All good people are welcome at the Bird and Baby Yard Party, a weekly event featuring you, our patrons! Sometimes there are visiting bands or other planned events, at other times, entertainment is provided by you, the patrons!

When there is a scheduled event, feel free to play music, tell stories or whatever during breaks, but we ask that you yield the stage to the evening’s main act at their discretion.

Free Beer and Mystery Food (self-service at the tables in the Yard). Please note that eating of the Mystery Food is at your own risk.

The Bird and Baby Yard Party is managed by Miz Bilbeto Longburrow very much helped by its regular patrons.

((Location co-ordinates: 33.3S, 75,3W. Swift travel (or milestone in Michel Delving) will take you close to the venue.))