Crafting Centre and Library opens in Bramblebury

Post date: Jan 27, 2016 10:33:6 AM

By Penina Pondhopper  

Bramblebury is to get a new facility, which will allow all residents to grow crops, forge tools, shape wooden furniture and to cook. The Bramblebury Library and Crafting Centre opens its doors on 20 February, largely thanks to the generosity of a Mister Penthadryn, who used to live in the Shire. The centre took delivery of the oven today and last week received a fine forge, donated by Miss Nimelia Stoutfoot.

Mister Penthadryn, for whom Ponso once worked as caretaker, is also donating his large collection of maps and books which will be kept in the centre and available to all to read. The floors of the burrow have been reinforced after the original planking collapsed under the weight of the bookcases. There should be no problems with the floor now which has been built over brick vaulting.

We hope all hobbits will join us to celebrate the opening of the library on 20 February at seven and a half bells ((7:30 UK time, 2:30 pm server time)). There will be music and refreshments as well as a tour of the facilities. The address is 2 Chalk Road, Bramblebury.

Penina Pondhopper

Library curator

Ponso Pondhopper receiving the keys from benefactor, Mister Penthadryn