Concert review: The Pootlers gave me the best gift!

Post date: Dec 26, 2015 9:15:33 AM

By Brad Peachypitt  

A while ago I was walking back to my burrow from a hard day letting the world bask in my brilliance when I heard some soft music floating through the air tickling my ears. It drew me closer and then I saw her......

A little red-haired lass near the back of the crowd scribbling quickly in her notebook and tapping her feet in time to the music.

I sauntered over close to her....just close enough to let her get a good look at me and see how handsome I am. I would not go so far as to take off my shirt like some crude dwarves I have known but I flexed to show her how my muscular chest bulged against my shirt. I know she must have liked what she saw because no lass can resist me.

Then I casually lifted my arm running my fingers through my hair.

She could not take her eyes off me so I decided to give her a chance to dance with the most handsome lad there

As I walked closer to her, the band leader said grab the lass you like best fer the next dance....

knowing this must be fate, I reached out and swept her off her feet.

I grabbed her, pulling her close, and we swayed to the soft romantic music.

Before the concert was over I told her I would take her with me to Rivendell, though to tell the truth she could not really answer as close as I was holding her.

I want to thank the Pootlers for providing a beautiful combination of soft romantic music and lively tunes that make a lass's heart race because I'm quite sure they were a definite asset in making this young lass fall in love with me and all my charms...

A wonderful concert Pootlers! ....and others agreed with are some of the comments I overheard as we were leaving....

Like this Pipes lad who said...

"The Pootlers were splendid with sweet tunes and clever lyrics. What fun we had! But that lad, Potty, let himself down by not wearing a tall, pointed hat. Everyone knows that such a hat on a lad means he is handsome, talented and has a warm sense of humour. All eligible hobbit lasses should seek out such lads. Just saying!"

Master true...but I find when I do wear a tall, pointed hat the lasses just want to take it off me and run their fingers through my curly hair.

and another comment from a cutie named Hollyberye...

"What a wonderful evening of music from the Pootlers! The arrangements and lyrics were just grand. I especially liked Potty, Penina, Nimelia and Tulpea...It was very relaxing and enjoyable, and the fishing songs inspired me to spend the remainder of the night casting my rod in the neighborhood pond. At least, that was what I dreamed I did, because I was so worn out from dancing that I went straight to bed after the Pootlers excellent music!"

Miss Holly can go fishing with me and Mae anytime you like....I'll keep you awake. *winks*

May I add that Miss Penina is a fine looking lass and if I had not fallen in love with my darling Mae, I would definitely take you up on your invitation.

Another sweet lass by the name of Kitzin was smiling as she left saying...

"Wow!! Oldfurlong was rockin' so hard, we'll have dwarfies comin' to mine the place! Them Pootlers had every toe in Oldfurlong tappin away! After all those excitin' fishin songs, I wouldn't be surprised to see a few fishies in Oldfurlong lookin fer fishin poles of their own!"

I looked around and it seemed every face was smiling , hobbits and even an elf were jumping for joy after hearing the music of the Pootlers.

Everyone continued to smile as they slowly drifted away after the concert.But many did not seem that anxious to leave for they hugged each other smiling with warmth at each other.Many were commenting as they left about how outstanding that evening had been and how happy it had made all of them.I want to personally thank all of the Pootlers...Miss Penina, Miss Nimelia, Miss Tulpea, and Master Potty for an evening that I will be telling my grandchildren about later after Miss Mae and I marry and have a family. Your fabulous music drew me near and filled me with so much happiness. I could not have picked a better band to be playing when I met the sweet lass with whom I intend to spend the rest of my days.Thank you for the greatest gift of this whole opportunity to meet and dance with Miss Mae Maplebrook.