Competition: Design a new rug for the Green Dragon

Post date: Apr 12, 2015 9:5:13 AM

By Rubellita Brandybuck  

Since the first ever Green Dragon Friday, Miss Lothilia, Miss Lina and many more performers have taken their art to the same spot in the Green Dragon: on the rug before the fireplace. In seven years time, this spot has worn out enormously to it's present state today: more hole than fabric. And then there is the rest of the rug, in an equally deplorable state. The dancing and bouncing of many hobbit feet each Friday night has taken it's toll. It's time for this rug to be discarded and replaced.

Barmy Rootknot, the innkeeper of the Green Dragon has always found an excuse to postpone this much needed replacing. How many times has he claimed not to have the coin to do it and raised the price of the ales and pies to pay for a new rug? But still the old rug is there.

His latest excuse is, that he does not have a nice enough design for the new rug. Really, Barmy? Is that all it takes, a new design? Well, you shall have one!


And in honour of the 7th Anniversary of Green Dragon Friday, we'll make a competition of it! The rules are simple:

On May 8th (the date of the Warmup party) all designs received will be printed in the Gazette for all to see, in a special article. ((In character, they can be imagined to be on display on the walls of the Green Dragon)).

A team of judges will pick the winner(s). They will look at design, description and name and how well they all correspond. They will have the entire week to come to their choice.

Because on Friday May 15th, the winner of the competition will be announced during the Main Party of the Green Dragon Friday 7th Anniversary.

So get out your crayons, inks, pencils, water colours and anything else you care to use and show us your idea of what the new rug of the Green Dragon should look like! Good luck to all!

The present rug in it's miserable state