Coarse Season Starts in Style

Post date: Jun 17, 2014 7:24:38 PM

by Miss Penina Pondhopper


June 15 is the most important date in the angler's diary. The start of the Coarse Fishing Season, when anglers can once more take to the rivers and streams in pursuit of their favourite fish. This year, the occasion was marked with a grand fishing competition, held in Buckland, in collaboration with the Buckland Rod and Line Society.

Twelve competitors took part, six in the advanced class and six novices. A substantial catch of 455 fish followed, numbers verified by the Shire Angling Club.

Winners: Novice class

Species Prize (highest number of different types of fish caught). Winner: Miss Pogonia with 12 separate species

Edible Prize (highest number of dace and barbel combined) Winner: Miss Bilbeto with seven Dace and two Catfish

Tight Lines Prize (biggest catch) Winner: Miss Toolee with a total catch of 40.

Winners: Advanced Class

Species Prize Winner: Mister Hooh, with 13 different species of fish

Edible Prize Winner: Miss Pennyroyal with 7 Dace and 3 Catfish

Tight Lines Prize: Miss Apri with a total catch of 46.

The Weedy Prize (most weed pulled out of the river) went to Miss Pogonia with 9 clumps of weed!

Our congratulations to all  our winners, and thanks to Tahi for entertaining us, Miss Bilbeto for supplying refreshments and Miss Tibba, who helped with the count and cooked the fish we caught! Watch out for our next event!