Chicken Shenanigans and Secret Picnic places

Post date: Aug 05, 2014 10:57:44 AM

By Bilbeto Longburrow  

A roaring few rounds of Hobnanigans where some very well seasoned players and a number of hobbits new to the art, took part in a well attended chicken whacking competition. I'm pleased to report that the Red team that a certain Miss Bilbeto Longburrow was on, seemed to improve from match to match.  Unfortunately the chickens themselves seemed to tire rather quickly and decided to take unexpected vacations outside the field of play.  Miss Amorey played several rousing tunes to pass the time and passersby were perhaps astonished to see a field of hopping hobbits rather than chased chucks. (Alas Miss Bilbeto left her drawing implements at home so is unable to provide a drawing of the festivities.)  

After the chicken chasing excitement, a group, under the assured guidance of Master Simbo, took a trip to a secret picnic place up towards old Weathertop.  Having located a set of drawing implements in the saddle-bags of her faithful pony, Miss Bilbeto was able to provide a few choice representations of the hardy group of hobbits and the views they beheld whilst dancing away...