Burrow Warming in Oldfurlong

Post date: Jan 16, 2014 9:47:32 AM

By Honeypie Baker  

Come Hungry!  Leave Happy!  Twilight and Dawn invites all Shire folk and Shire friends to their new burrow at 5 Harrow Road, Oldfurlong, Shire Homesteads.  There will be prizes for the best limerick and riddle!   Plus, music, dancing, food, and drink!   Meet old friends and make new ones.  Hope to see ye there.

Sunday, February 9th at  7:30pm ((2:30 pm Server Time))

Talk to Missus Toadflax Nosely, Miss Flinda, or Miss Honeypie if ye want to know more.  ((http://twilight-dawn.shivtr.com/))