Burrow warming in Bramblebury??

Post date: Apr 11, 2015 7:56:21 AM

By an unknown, but reliable source  

This is to deny that Miss Penina Pondhopper is organising a burrow warming party at her and her brother's home, 6 Harrow Road Bramblebury. Master Ponso would have a fit if this were true! And if it were true, Miss Penina would not so advertise it in the Gazette, as she'd wanted it to be kept secret!  

But hobbits love a good rumour and any chance to have a party, so many are bound to turn up. Miss Penina will provide them with food and drink and some lovely entertainment, as any good hobbit host would, even if, let's say, 13 dwarves and a wizard would show up on their doorstep!

So here is where and when the burrow warming party is not *wink, wink* going to be:

6 Harrow Road, Bramblebury, Shire Homesteads.

Sunday April 12, 7:30pm ((BST, 2:30pm servertime))