Burrow warming in Bramblebury

Post date: Jul 08, 2018 9:5:56 AM

By Tholpa Undertoe   

Miss Tholpa recently moved into a new burrow! 

The burrow needs to be properly warmed! 

We'll do so Sunday July 8th!  

Date: Sunday July 8th 

Time: 7PM ((UK time (note the earlier than usual start))

Location: 5 Chalk Road, Bramblebury

Invitation from miss Tholpa:

Hullo all! I want to inform you that this Sunday, 8th July 7:00 pm, I'll keep my burrow warming party at 5 Chalk Road, Bramblebury. All hobbits are welcome except Lotho and Lobelia.

There is delicious food,prepared by Miss Pycella, and maybe some other activities! Welcome!