Bullroarer Took's Night of the Muses

Post date: Mar 12, 2021 4:18:26 PM

By Peppy Bristlebrush

Well, we are rapidly approaching one of the most important celebrations of the Shire: Bullroarer Took Day!

Bandobras "Bullroarer" Took was a great hero, tall enough to ride a horse and inventor of the game of golf.

He led a Hobbit army into the Battle of the Greenfields against invading goblins and claimed victory by beheading their chieftain Golfimbul in battle. Golfimbul's head landed in a rabbit hole and thus golf was invented, so the story goes.

Every year on March 17, Bullroarer Took and those who have fallen in battle, are commemorated near his statue in Brockenborings. We do this by making music, dancing, reciting poems and, ofcourse, drinking! We wear green clothes in his honour. That is Bullroarer Took Day in a nutshell.

This year March 17 is on a Wednesday and there is a weekly event on Wednesdays already: the Night of the Muses. So we have attempted to combine the two. We'll generally follow the format of Night of the Muses with a few differences:

For those not familiar with the goings on at the Nights of the Muses:

Many scholars of other races who study Hobbit culture have expressed their desire to attend this traditional Hobbit celebration and may  desire to share their own culture with us. You are very welcome, but we ask those of the taller persuasion to stand in the back so as not to block the view of the Hobbits. Remember, we are not all as tall as the Bullroarer!

To summarize:

What:        Bullroarer Took's Night of the Muses

Where:      Brockenborings, the Shire, near the statue

When:       Wednesday March 17, 19:30 ((UK time, 15:30 servertime))

You are all very welcome to attend and we hope you will play us some great music too!

(( OOC

Bullroarer Took Day really must be celebrated on March 17, on St.Patrick's Day. In the past we have cooperated with organisers of regular events to make this happen: with Green Dragon Friday and with Bird&Baby Yard Party and now with the Little Wanderers who give you Night of the Muses. This also gives each year a unique Bullroarer Took Day event. Next year will be different again.

The Bullroarer Took Day celebrations are traditionally held in character, so please refrain from OOC talk as much as you can.

*Your choice of music, just like at regular Night of the Muses is up to you. But if you can, try to include traditional Irish music. After all, Bullroarer Took Day is the in game version of St.Patricks Day.

At Night of the Muses some of the bands are large and led by one person. It can take some time for them to set up and walk away again. The attention span of Hobbits can be short, but they do love riddles! So while a large band is setting up on stage, a Hobbit may step forward to entertain the crowd with a riddle or two while they do. Please let him or her finish it. It won't be subtracted from your allotted time of 10 minutes.

Large bands also need a place to set up ("park") before they perform on stage. In the sketch above, red arrows indicate spots that are suitable for that (behind the red arrows, please, as seen from the stage area).

The red star indicates a reserved spot for any camera character who wants to film the event.

The green encircled area is where the audience will be.

The stage is traditionally on top of the fence, but the larger bands may prefer the area before it, as indicated in the sketch above.  On top or before, we'll leave it up to you! Members of the audience, please leave this area open.

We hope you will all enjoy yourself, in spite of unfamiliar surroundings or procedures!))