Bullroarer Took Day - with the Greenbrambles and more!

Post date: Feb 22, 2014 12:14:0 PM

By Peppy Bristlebrush    

Hobbits love traditions! Hobbits love celebrations! On March 17th they can eat their hearts out: It will be Bullroarer Took Day again, a day full of traditions and celebrations. But let's begin at the beginning: 

In 1147SR a big battle was fought on the Greenfields. It was hobbits against invading goblins, lead by Golfimbul, the most dreaded of them all. Leading the hobbit army was a remarkably tall hobbit. So tall in fact, that he could ride a horse in stead of a pony. His name was Bandobras Took, also known as the Bullroarer. Towering over both friend and foe, he rode his horse across the battlefield, wielding a great wooden club. In spite of his encouraging shouts and inspiring presence, the hobbits threatened to lose the battle as more and more goblins from Mount Gram flooded the Greenfields.

But then, in a turn of events, Bandobras faced Golfimbul in a one-on-one showdown. Both hobbits and goblins lowered their weapons and shields and looked in awe  at what was going to be the decisive, but shortest duel in the entire battle.  Bullroarer began a backswing with his wooden club, feet slightly apart, arms straight, body and knees slightly bent..

And with a mighty roar, he swung his club forward, eyes at the target at all times. The clubhead hit the goblin leader straight in the face and knocked his head right off! It flew through the air for a remarkable distance and ended up in a rabbit hole.

The goblin army then fled in terror and was chased across the bounds by the rampageous hobbit host. Victory was declared and granted to Bandobras "Bullroarer" Took!

To celebrate this day (the 17th of March is when it all happened), it has become a tradition to wear green clothing and play festive, danceable music, like reels and jigs. Drink to the Bullroarer's health and run over the top of a fence (in that order) and if you topple off: repeat until succesfully reaching the other end of the fence. Believe me, this takes some practice!It is a relatively new tradition that a band called the Greenbrambles performs and has all hobbits present dancing until the sun rises again. This year will be the fourth year in a row for them.

In recognition of the many musical talents in the Shire, the Greenbrambles have decided to do things a little different this year. Yes, they will still play, but not the entire time. Hobbit musicians, be they in a band or solo performers, are invited to sign up for this evening.

Please write to the Bramblebury Gazette (editors@brambleburygazette.com) if you'd like to help the Greenbrambles make it a worthy celebration. Do sign up in advance, please, so we can make a schedule. Sign up will close after March 9.

The celebrations  will take place on Monday March 17, in Brockenborings, near the Bullroarer statue and will start around 19.30. More detail will be given when we near the date.

On Monday March 17 there will be no Hobbit Market! As Miss Nimelia put it: Market is every other week, but Bullroarer Took day is only once a year!  But dye merchants are encouraged to bring a selection of green dyes to the event.

We'll see (and perhaps hear) you all there and then!