Bullroarer Took Day in retrospect  - You just had to be there!

Post date: Mar 22, 2014 11:39:40 AM

By Peppy Bristlebrush    

We are looking back at the very special and very succesful Bullroarer Took Day Celebration of 2014. We hope these pictures bring back sweet memories. Six bands performed, all bringing high quality music and some songs that were specially made for this day.

The Greenbrambles opened the evening. They were the ones who started this tradition, three years ago. Unfortunately one of the original bandmembers had to cancel due to illness, but she was expertly replaced by Miss Linsina Happyheart.

The Brandy Badgers are a music collective of members of the Grand Order of the Lost Mathom. Due to many Badgers also performing with the Greenbrambles, Miss Lina Willowwood formed a "Mini Badger Recital Group" and proved that less can also mean more! More fine songs to listen to and tunes to dance to.

Next up was Hobbit Heart, another well known and respected band who have been around for three years as well. Their music being of a more sensitive and delicate nature, they did not shy away from playing a few good dance tunes too.

Now it was time for the debut of the Aleford Sisters, the charming lasses Gennetta and Allegretta. After fixing a bit of trouble with multiple broken strings, the Sisters played their tunes like pro's. Their songs, that are sometimes a bit tongue-in-cheek, were well received.

Brandywine & Biscuits, famous, or for some dreaded, for their propagating of the use of bagpipes, played next. They played a very nice set of great dance music, or as someone in  the crowd exclaimed: "You just have to dance!"

The night had already set in, when Pudding Riot got on stage. They had riotously decided not to play any reels or jigs, but what they played was as delicious as the Pudding in their name: a type of music they call themselves "stork music (or any big bird with long legs and white feathers)". It called for a type of dancing with much handclapping and stamping of feet and several in the audience happily obliged!

Ofcourse the Greenbrambles could have easily filled the entire program (and same goes for each of the performing bands), but they were very happy how this new format turned out. It gave a beautiful sense of friendship and togetherness and without these hobbit qualities, perhaps not even Bandobras Took could have been as succesful as he has been. But I'll leave that to scholars and historians to ponder over.

Thank you, all  who came to play and all who came to listen and dance!!

The sketches were made by Miss Toolee and Miss Yola.