Bree-land Wightseeing Tour 2018

Post date: Oct 22, 2018 3:30:55 PM

By Pycella Woodberry  

 Hobbits love their peaceful lives, but they do like some exciting stories too. This time, we won’t share those tales by the warm fireplace or the campfire: we will visit some chilling places in the scary Bree-land! Who knows, we might see some wights along the way too!  


Our scary stroll starts in Buckland, at the Old Forest Tunnel. After a few welcome words, we will walk through the forest and stop by Tom’s cabin to fill up our bellies and to listen to some scary tales and songs. After that, we will continue our stroll to the Barrow-downs, where we might see some skinny wights! From there, we will walk the not-so-scary roads of Bree-land to an abandoned graveyard near the festival grounds, where we will have the rest of our entertainment and enjoy foods and drink, supposing there is something left. And, if we still have time, energy and courage, we will go and visit the scary ruins nearby, where we can play a scary game of tag. 


How to prepare for the walking tour and other notes:

Bree-land Wightseeing Tour 2018  


Date: Sunday November 4  

Time: 7:30 PM ((UK time, 2:30 PM servertime))  

Location: Old Forest Tunnel, Buckland, Bree-land  


See you on the fourth of November!


Spooky regards,

Pycella Woodberry


(( OOC:

This is an RP event, so we will act in character and avoid OOC talk ((also in double brackets)) in the say channel. Please keep your entertainment lore-friendly too. We will start the event at 7:30 sharp and will depart right after the welcoming words, so if you come late, please send a tell to Pycella. You can sign up as an entertainer in advance by sending an in-game message/letter to Pycella or write her to pycellawoodberry(a)  ))