Bree-land Chicken Run, Sunday November 22nd

Post date: Nov 15, 2015 9:39:28 AM

By Simbo Rumblebelly 

The greatest adventures don't necessarily have to take you far and wide. They can occur right on your own doorstep! On in the case of Farmer Sandson's Chickens, just across the Brandywine Bridge in Bree-land. Those chucks have travelled through Bree-land, but never actually to Bree-land itself. It's time for them to explore and meet their fellow animals across the water!

What:        Bree-land Chicken Run

Where:      Farmer Sandson's, The Shire

When:       Sunday November 22, 7:30pm ((UK, 2:30pm Servertime))

((OOC Details

This event involves some players taking on one of the "Flying the Coop" Chicken Quests (ideally it will be the "Flying the Coop -- Bree-Land" quest) and then attempting to walk to various spots Bree-land. A number of participants will also need to act as herders, mainly to protect the chickens from harm.

Whether you want to play a chicken, or be a herder, can be decided on the day.

The target of the actual quest is to find and talk to five different NPC creatures:

For guides on chickens, see these links:

Of particular note: