Brandy Hall welcomes lore-seeking hobbits!

Post date: Nov 09, 2020 6:39:42 PM

By Lina Willowwood 

Buckland. Home ter somewhat strange hobbits, many of whom like wearing boots. Swimming. Mucking around in boats on the Brandywine. I bet living next door ter that old scary forest makes fer odd habits. Would yer like to learn more about them?

Date: Sunday November 22

Time: 7:30PM ((UK time / 2:30PM servertime))

Location: Outside Brandy Hall in Buckland

How did hobbits settle in Buckland, and who are in charge over there? What are the local habits, and why is there a tall hedge bordering the eastern part of the land? Just what is the Horn of Buckland anyway, and why do them locals blow in it from time to time? Answers to these questions, and possibly more, may be given during our fifth historical field trip in hobbit lands. There are no guarantees, though!

We will meet just outside Brandy Hall, the building on the tall hill in the south of Buckland. Our historians will present stories, tales, poetry and/or songs related to hobbit lore. Food WILL be served (Budgeford sausages), and there may be a game or two as well! Oh, and fer the brave ones, there is that scary forest next door…

Want to know more about hobbit history? Then come along!

(( OOC

This is yet another outing in our long-running series of hobbit field trips. As usual, the event aims to combine a few lectures/stories of hobbit lore with songs and entertainment. People are encouraged to listen raptly to the given lectures and save most of the questions to the breaks. It goes without saying that this is an in-character event, but remember that our historians have sometimes been known to go for a tall, exciting tale more than strict lore accuracy.

Given the subject matter, this is very much a hobbit-preferred event. Should the odd lore-seeking dwarf or lankyshank interested in hobbit lore choose to show up, they won’t be chased away, but wouldn’t you rather just roll a hobbit alt for the evening? If not, be prepared for puzzled looks and the odd comment about your beard and/or height during the night. Well met! ))