Bonkadoc Turnip Juice Industries announces a catchphrase competition

Post date: Dec 19, 2014 8:37:8 PM

By Bonkadoc   In a massive marketing drive, to expand the turnip juice markets to Bree, Bonkadoc Turnip Juice Industries announces a competition for the Shire hobbits to come up with an alluring catchphrase for the turnip juice. The winning entry should demonstrate in just few words the wonderful, tasty, refreshing and healthy effects of the Shire turnip juice, and be almost as catchy as a beautiful melody!  The creator of the winning entry shall receive 20 gold pieces as a reward. The winner will be announced in a brief ceremony on Friday 2nd of January, after 8pm, at the Plough and Stars inn, Brockenborings. Please send your proposals via The Quick Post to the address below.Contact:Bonkadoc6 Chalk Road

Goatbottle, The Shire

(or at

Note by the Editors: the ceremony will be part of the "Green Dragon Friday New Year's party", which will be held in Brockenborings, not Bywater.

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