Black Moors Badgers, Monday October 3rd

Post date: Sep 22, 2016 3:47:31 PM

By Lina Willowwood   

The Brandy Badgers are going to rehearse again, and them invite all music-minded sorts to come listen in! And this time, them will play their old favourite tunes by master Richo from the Black Moors! And some new ones too!

Date: Monday October 3rd

Time: 7:30PM (( UK/BST, 2:30PM Servertime))

Location: Michel Delving Square

The Brandy Badgers is the music collective of the Grand Order, where members can meet and learn music and play together as a group. This time, their rehearsal will be open fer the public.

The Badgers have long been fans of the songs by master Richo, who often went into the Black Moors in the Night. During the rehearsal, The Badgers will play some of their favourite Richo tunes (among the 46 them have in their song books), not least a handful of new ones they only just uncovered. Yer are all hereby invited to Michel Delving to come listen and dance!

Remember, this is a rehearsal, so a somewhat relaxed mood with the possibility of instrument fumbling is just natural! Badgers work best without the added pressure of making things all formally concert-like...


This will be a rehearsal where we play lots and lots of songs by Blackmore's Night. While we love seeing hobbits during our events, visitors of a longer persuasion are welcome too. If yer got longer legs than the average hobbit, please remember to not block the view of the locals! ))