Beloved Ol' Tale told by the Awesum Andune Ensemble

Post date: Jan 29, 2022 4:22:43 PM

By Acorne Oakley 


Thanks again ta all of the Colorful Birds of Belly Gear fer a truly extraordinary performance during the last OAKS of last year  ...

and ta the adorable Aisho who was there ta kindly welcome folks ta the OAKS...when I got trapped in my burrow by that fierce storm that tore thru Oldfurlong

It means a lot ta have a great friend I can depend on ta jump in and help wit just a moment's notice    ..thanks ta the admirable and most appreciated Aisho ^^

Also thanks my many generous friends who created a beautiful spectacle fer their first song wit the many colors of dwarf-candles   ..

thanks ta all of you who helped add this gorgeous background ta that first melody

        ~smiles & sends gentle hugs ta all these dear friends~

thanks ta dear Blakcs & my sweet Neighbor Travi fer all the memories yer drawings provide ...


and  ))

Again I am so sorry that all The Kings Men had ta go on that secret mission ....

Master Tomeoric was truly disappointed after all the time & effort he put  inta plannin what they wood play & sing fer ya folks at the January OAKS ....

Their OAKS is sure ta be so much fun ...whenever they can get back ta Oldfurlong.

Soon it will be February ..a time fer love in its many forms

I luvs MUSIC!   all kinds of music .

one of my dear sweet friends, Lady Hollybery, likes ta tell stories ta the music of       ~winks~

the awesum Andune Ensemble!

They be comin back ta Oldfurlong in February wit a terrific tale!

All about a fellowship what goes on a great adventure ...

wit a special ring that sum folks think be magical  ....maybee

Since this journey be all about a ring ...well ...

A ring always makes me think of a proposal maybee...

it is a trip ta return this ring ..or maybee they be takin it sumwhere fer a weddin?

That is what rings be fer ...correct?

Anyhow we'll find all the details of this grand adventure on saturday February 12 at seven & a half bells in the evenin ...

when we be findin exactly who goes in this fellowship & where it ends up goin

If a minstrel's reward is the joy they bring the audience Ordosig says

the OAKS audience will make these Anduners so rich!!

where: the town square of the Oldfurlong neighborhood in the Shire homesteads

                      ((Altfurch auf Deutsch / Longuevieille en français))

when:     Saturday February 12 at seven and a half bells in the evenin

                     ((19:30 UK time / 20:30 CET / 2:30pm server time ))

happy hobbity hugs fer all,