Beer, Ale and Wine tasting sessions at the Bird And Baby

Post date: Dec 09, 2013 9:9:45 AM

By Bilbeto Longburrow  The Bird and Baby staff are pleased to announce the dates of their first beverage tasting sessions, introducing a wide selection of local brews from the corners of the Shire, Bree and beyond. A range of pies, soups and other foods (but there's pie, so why worry about other food eh?) will also be on offer, all home made here at the Bird and Baby from locally produced ingredients. 3 evenings are planned, generously sponsored by the Inn League. Miss Bilbeto Longburrow, local resident and Inn League certified Sage of Fine Spirits, will provide information about all of the brews on offer throughout the course of each evening:

Ales of the Shire

Date: 9th Jan 2014 Time: 8pm Venue: The Bird and Baby, Michel Delving

Local brews from the Shire brew masters will be available for sampling. With music by the Evendim Hillbillies.

Beers from Bree

Date: 16th Jan 2014 Time:8pm Venue: The Bird and Baby, Michel Delving

Beers from the Bree brew masters (try repeating that at the end of the evening?) will be provided for your delectation.

Exoticness from afar

Date: 23rd Jan 2014 Time: 8pm Venue: The Bird and Baby, Michel Delving

Dwarven ale from Thorin's Hall, Wine from Rivendell and other exotic drinks conclude the third and final tasting session

The cost for each evening is 10 silvers, or the whole course of 3 sessions can be purchased from any member of the Bird and Baby Staff (Michel Delving's finest ale house) for the bargain price of 25 silvers.

The Bird and Baby Staff are keen to invite any players to come and perform during the breaks in the tasting (ideally hobbits for the first session, men for the second and dwarves and elves for the third). Any individuals or bands that would like to express an interest, please contact a member of the Bird and Baby staff. Anyone willing to come and tell tall tales or historical stories would also be most welcome.

We are importing some of the beverages from great distances, so to make sure we have enough, please let us know in advance if you are intending to come.

((OOC: if you have completed the inn league initiation quest then consuming all of the drinks on each of the 3 evenings will award the title 'Inn League Sage of Fine Spirits'))