Bards Day Concert 2014

Post date: Aug 14, 2014 10:17:58 AM

By Lina Willowwood   A day to remember the bards of old and the music they inspired. Welcome to the annual Bards Day Concert at the Ivy Bush Inn!  Date: Tuesday September 2ndTime: 7:30PM UK ((2:30PM servertime))Place: Ivy Bush Inn, Hobbiton.A day to remember the writers of the tales, poems and songs we treasure today. A concert with a selection of tunes related to one of the finest writers we have seen, master Ronald Dwale.

The Brandy Badgers will perform a selection of songs based on the works of master Dwale. All are welcome to come to attend the concert: hobbits, dwarves, elves and men.

((OOC details:

J.R.R. Tolkien passed away September 2nd 1973. As we have for the last years, we’ll pay homage to him with a concert in the Ivy Bush, playing tunes inspired by Tolkien’s works (from the movies or adapted from his writings and poems). The concert is performed by The Brandy Badgers, the in-house music collective in the Grand Order of the Lost Mathom.

Given the concert theme and the date, this is not a strict roleplaying event, so players of all sizes and shapes are welcome. However, we will stay in-character: Instead of speaking about Tolkien, the musicians will play songs inspired by Ronald Dwale, Tolkien’s in-game alter ego.

Although there would be many lore reasons to have the concert in the Bird and Baby, the inn is somewhat unsuitable for concerts. So we’ve moved to the Ivy Bush instead.

Afterwards, the stage is open for anyone who would like to play a tune suitable for such an event. ))

Welcome to the Ivy Bush, Tuesday September 2nd!