Barbel Bounty Results: a new record is set!

Post date: Nov 04, 2018 11:37:47 AM

By Ponso Pondhopper 

A grand night's fishing: altogether, 18 hobbits turned out for this first contest fishing for barbel. In total 648 fish were caught, 42 of which were barbel. It should be said here that 8 of those 42 were caught by one hobbit: Mister Benjyman. 

Prizes were awarded in the following categories:

Weedy prize, for the most weeds caught, won by Miralith, with 7 bundles of pondweed

Runners-up, winning a commemorative fishing rod: Miss Lina, Onionfarmer Pete, Miss Nimelia.

3rd prize (43 fish, 78 points): Miss Hollberye

2nd prize (40 fish, 79 points): Mister Benjyman

1st prize (39 fish, 91 points): Master Potty

Barbel weigh-in

Miralith weighed in first with a huge barbel of 16 lb 10 oz, which looked to be a winner. However, this was not to be: Miss Pogonia came up with a 19 lb barbel, which enters the record books, as the officially largest barbel caught in the Shire.

Many thanks to all who took part, especially Onionfarmer Pete and Potty for the music and Miss Tibba for cooking up the catfish caught. A special mention also to Mister Ozbourne for providing the prize money.

This is the last fishing match of the year; the next will be after Yuletide.