Baggins Dragon Birthday Friday, Friday 22 September

Post date: Sep 18, 2017 12:52:9 PM

By Lina Willowwood      

It is September 22nd! The birthday of some fine, albeit strange hobbits of the Baggins variety!  

Cheers for mad Ol' Bilbo! Cheers for his nephew Frodo!   

Let's celebrate their day with an ale at the inn!   

Date: Friday September 22

Time: 7:30PM ((UK, 2:30PM servertime))

Location: Green Dragon inn, Bywater, The Shire.

Bilbo Baggins hasn't been seen in the Shire for near on 20 years now. More recently, his nephew Frodo sold Bag End and moved to Buckland. Which left Lobelia for us, and that's hardly somet to celebrate...

Still, do yer remember the parties held at Bag End? The food, the drink, the pressies, the fizzers? Sounds like a day to celebrate, it does. Which we will do!

Hence, we welcome yer to bring Baggins-related entertainment: Songs, poems, stories or riddles. We'll start the celebrations at the Green Dragon (since it is Green Dragon Friday), but depending on how the night goes on, we might head over to the Party Tree for a last Baggins toast this night.

Welcome hobbits!

(( OOC:

This is Green Dragon Friday, the weekly hobbit RP event, but with a Baggins theme.

While travelling dwarves are always welcome at the inn, for lore reasons we ask that the Big Folk do not attend. Please roll up a hobbit instead to attend, it is grand fun. ))