April OAKS with Crazy Rockin' Music

Post date: Mar 26, 2015 4:28:2 PM

By Acorne Oakley 


Those of ya in the Oldfurlong neighborhood on Monday nite was part of a very special OAKS!  

A bunch of my neighbors and myself along wit sum other mighty talented hobbits rocked the gazebo!!!  

The Travelin Bilberries actually took turns comin down from the stage and dancin along wit the audience....seemed a rousin good-time fer all!!


It was a rare opportunity fer us residents of Oldfurlong ta share our music and good times wit all our friends ...new and old ones.   Thanks ta everybodee who came out ta share this time wit us.

But in Oldfurlong...."We are never too tired to throw a party" as the words in MIssus Toadflax's song say...and they're certainly true!

In fact we're havin anuther party rite here on April 7th at eight bells in the evenin fer our April OAKS! 

and there be anuther marvelous band waitin fer all who come that day....

From their home burrows far...far away where the hobbits talk a bit different than here in our Shire:


There be at least three reasons fer comin ta the April OAKS....well six ifin ya count the ales, pies and pipeweed...*chuckles*...

1- crazy rockin music....

2- the lovely voice of Miss Louellana


3- sum mighty funny stories/poems/jokes

Come on over and join us fer a grand time ....guaranteed by Master Zedrock   *giggles*...

 ( how could ya not have a good time when ya're wit the Big Rock )

On Tuesday April 7th at eight bells in the evenin at the town square of the Oldfurlong neighborhood of the Shire homesteads. 

Where: the town square of the Oldfurlong neighborhood in the Shire homestead


When:  Tuesday April 7th at eight bells in the evenin

             ((8pm UK time/9pm in France/3pm server time))

Hugs ta ya all,


((OOC: Like all events announced in the Bramblebury Gazette, this concert will take place on the Laurelin server))