Anuther Concert Series from us Purple Folke

Post date: Apr 12, 2020 11:26:50 AM

By  Agago Longleaf

We Purple Folke like ta celebrate the seasons cause Muther Nature is all inspirin'. Spring brings out the flowers and butterflies and warm

sunshine that makes the Shire come to life. You have seen us at Night of the Muses, but if ya would like to see the traditional side of purple then this be your chance.

This will be happenin on May 23rd in Hobbiton, outside the Ivy Bush Inn. Look fer us at eight chimes past noon on the Michel Delving Bells ((8pm UK, 3:00 PM servertime)). 

This is our first concert this year with the fellas (Radvat & Glangam) returning after injuries fightin goblins outside Oldfurlong.