Another Map Night on Sunday November 24

Post date: Nov 20, 2013 9:37:30 AM

By Lina Willowwood  

Maps are very grand! This coming Sunday we'll once again meet to look at maps, drink some tea and have a lovely evening together! Welcome hobbits! 


Date: Sunday November 24th 

Time: 7:30PM UK 

Location: 6 Harrow Road, Oldfurlong 

There is a lot to be learned from reading maps, so any hobbit travelling the countryside should have some basic knowledge of them. Besides, them can show exciting things, maps. Do them mark grand ore locations? Secret biscuit stashes? Perhaps!

So we'll meet at the recently established Shire Map and Cartography Centre in Oldfurlong for a relaxed evening of food, drinks and maps! Good hobbit and dwarven friends welcome!


Like we did back in July, this is a quick social event to enable folks to get up to speed on the cartographer deed in LOTRO. The maps that yer can trade for during the Festivals unlocks a cartographile deed, which among other things rewards you with a lovely large wall map of the lands. This Sunday, we'll do both the Eriador deed described here and the Moria deed described here

Part of the night will be a "borrowing of maps", so people who are missing maps in the deed can complete it. This is done by trades - you have to borrow someone else's maps. Once you have had them in your inventory, the deed will trigger, and you can return them to the owner. If yer have lots of maps, do bring them along!

Else, I am sure there will be food and relaxed hobbit merriment too!