Annual Brandywine Salmon Run

Post date: Mar 07, 2015 3:26:7 PM

By Ponso Pondhopper  

Salmon spotted in the Brandywine!  As the days get longer and the sap begins to rise, so we see the return of the Salmon from distant seas! Already some fine specimens have been seen in the waters of the Brandywine, and one or two have already found themselves served up for dinner in the Pondhopper burrowhold. But of course, we want to share the fun with all our neighbours! So, once again, the Shire Angling Club is proud to present the Annual Brandywine Salmon Run. 

Last year the salmon fishing was won by Master Potty, with a fine catch of a 40 lb salmon, a hard record to beat! If you fancy your hand at landing a whopper, come along to Brockenborings on Saturday 21 March at seven and a half bells ((19:30 UK time, 3:30 servertime)). We will meet by the old windmill, before we stroll over the Greenfields to a special location on the banks of the Brandywine.

Never caught a salmon before? No worries! There will be two competitions, one for the more experienced anglers who can catch salmon, trout and grayling and a second competition for those more used to dace, catfish and the like. As usual there will be grand prizes in both categories.

No need to register, just come along on the day.

Tight Lines!

Ponso Pondhopper

Club President