Andy Brockhouse Friday! - Friday September 12

Post date: Sep 08, 2014 2:1:26 PM

By Simbo Rumblebelly 

With the Farmer's Faire still in full flow over in Bywater, it means hosting the Green Dragon Friday event elsewhere. And with the date being close to Andy Brockhouse's Birthday, what better place to have it than in the open air outside Southfarthing Gate, at Master Brockhouse's tent! 

Standing at his tent in all weather, ever ready to help the burrow-buying hobbit find their dream hole, it is not often Andy Brockhouse gets a chance to relax, especially on a Friday when most folk are at the Green Dragon. 

So, come to Andy Brockhouse's tent on Friday to celebrate his Birthday with the usual mix of songs and music and dancing and poetry and who knows what else! It will be very much a typical Green Dragon event, with the usual Green Dragon Guidelines applying, except it will be out in the open at Andy's tent near Southfarthing gate: 

Let's hope that the last vestiges of summer still cling on to the shire and it doesn't rain!

Note that next week, on Friday 19th September, will see the return to the Green Dragon where Barmy will surely be glad to welcome us back!