An open letter ta the Shire and beyond

Post date: Jun 15, 2014 9:1:26 PM

by Miss Acorne Oakley 



Tis difficult indeed fer me ta put inta words just how deeply all yer expressions of how much ya care fer me have touched me.

Knowin that I have a special place in the hearts of so many of my dear friends in our beloved Shire has left me at a loss ta tell ya fully just how much this all means ta me.

I no that many of you must have problems in yer own lives but ya put them aside ta take time out ta let me no that ya cared about me..thank you muchly :)

Thank you fer all the mail ya sent my regular quick post carrier had ta get help carryin all them letters and presents ta my burrow.  I could feel the luv in the words as I red them..thanks so much :D

Thanks Pete fer passin on that message from Miss Emylou Haggins..she's always been a favorite of mine...thank ya kindly :D

Thanks fer all the prayers fer me from so many of ya...and I'm sure there were answered cause I'm better indeed now...thanks my precious friends :D

Thanks fer all the presents...from the giant flower Miss Toolee kindly gave me ta the lucky leaf Shirriff Nimelia give fer me ta keep in my pocket ta the spring pudding from Pudding Riot ta the chicken soup from dear Miss Tibba ta all the uthers...thank you muchly :D

and sweet Simbo thanks fer the poem ya wrote.  I no ya thought it should have been longer but I thought it was just the rite size...thanks so much :D

Thank ya fer all the songs ya dedicated ta me..and all the dancin and happy bouncin ya did fer me...and pecially ta my band the Biscuits who played our concert on Saturday the 31st in my honour.... thank ya kindly :D

Thanks fer all the pickures ya sent me so I could enjoy what I had ta miss....thanks muchly :D

Thanks ta all of ya fer this outpourin of luv and generousity :)

and in a special note ta Master Will who's had surgery on his wishes fer a speedy will be in my prayers :)

 (I hope ya're able to type again soon and can come back to the game)

Lots and lots of  hugs from,


(ooc)As many of you have told me behind the characters we play there are real people who really care about me.  And I want each of you to know that you are just as dear to me.  I treasure each and every one of your friendships.