An invitation to a Yule Concert

By the Hobbitry

Dear Bramblebury Gazette Readers

The Hobbitry will hold a Bullroarers Yule concert on the 2nd of December at 7 bells to serve as our end-of-year revelries. There will be nibbles and ales for your belly, and festive tunes for your ears. As our esteemed friends, we would be delighted to have you in our company that evening.

We will be 'Roarin' Around the Yule Tree with a festive concert, featuring the Hobbitry's band, the Bullroarers! This will serve as our annual kin celebration.

We invite our friends from both far, wide, and just down the road to share in the occasion. Join us at the Dancing Coney Inn in Sootcrest in the Shire Homesteads where you can fill your tankards with the finest ales and your bellies with our scrummy Yule-themed spread, while you fill your ears with the 'Roarers!

The Bullroarers (so-named in honour of the mighty Bullroarer Took himself!) are a gathering of musical hobbits who get together regularly to drum up some noise. We tend to play a mixture of traditional and more modern songs, both instrumental and re-imagined with hobbitish lyrics, in a wide variety of tones from serious to dramatic, jovial or downright silly, all with a touch of the Shire thrown in!

Join us on Saturday 2nd of December at 7PM GMT/2PM server time at 4 Myrtle Court, Sootcrest, Shire Homesteads. 

(( OOC details:

This is a hobbit-run music and role-play event with all races welcome to attend.

A recording will be made of the concert for Pycella's Hobbity Calendar. ))