An Evening of Hope and Good Taste

Post date: Oct 25, 2016 9:33:27 AM

By Toadflax Nosely  

There are places far to the east and south where there is little or no hope. But that is not so in The Shire and particularly at the upcoming Yard Party, where there will not only be the usual Free Ale and Mystery Food but also The HOPE which is a magnificent band and this time they will play a "Deep Purple Night Rainbow" tribute to Mr. Ritchie, the renowned minstrel which only goes to show that this band brings both Hope and Good Taste.  

Come dance to The HOPE this Thursday!

All good people are welcome at the Bird and Baby Yard Party, a weekly event featuring you, our patrons! Sometimes there are visiting bands or other planned events, at other times, entertainment is provided by you, the patrons!

When there is a scheduled event, feel free to play music, tell stories or whatever during breaks, but we ask that you yield the stage to the evening’s main act at their discretion.

Free Beer and Mystery Food (self-service at the tables in the Yard). Please note that eating of the Mystery Food is at your own risk.

The Bird and Baby Yard Party is managed by Miz Bilbeto Longburrow very much helped by its regular patrons.

((Location co-ordinates: 33.3S, 75,3W. Swift travel (or milestone in Michel Delving) will take you close to the venue.))